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"The Chair of the Board, by and with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint all committees as are deemed necessary to carry out the programs of the Chamber. It shall be the function of committees to conduct investigations and studies, hold hearings, make recommendations to the Board of Directors, and to carry on such activities as may be delegated to them by the Board." - extracted from the Bylaws of the PDA Chamber

Joining a committee can be fulfilling and very beneficial. Contribute to the good of your Chamber and help each other maximize the benefits of being in a professional business organization.

Form deep and beneficial connections with other Members and work toward the greater good.

Membership Committee

The Vice Chair of Membership is Mel Robertson.

The Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month, via Zoom, at 3:30pm

The focus of the Membership Committee is to review existing benefits and explore new benefits for the members of the Chamber.

The committee welcomes new members and celebrates the anniversaries of renewing members.

Being on this committee allows members to be directly involved in their own benefits. The discussions and research involved allows members to gain an inciteful understanding of different member businesses, which in turn benefits the members with new connections.

Ambassador Team

The Ambassador Team is led by Vice Chair, Erin Sullivan-Moore.

The Team meets every 3rd Tuesday at 4:00pm, both by Zoom and in-person with social distancing. She has appointed Kathy Rappaport, member, to coordinate the efforts of the team. The team is involved in ribbon cuttings, phone calls, event assistance and anything else the Chamber needs.

There is a lot of diversity in what this team does and they have a lot of fun doing it!

This group is very communicative and can benefit you with many great connections to other members both from within the team and throughout the member base.

Marketing & Sponsorships

The Vice Chair of Marketing & Sponsorships is Erin Sullivan-Moore.

The Committee meets via Zoom every couple of weeks to coordinate efforts. The team is focusing on branding, messaging, newsletters and announcements. They are raising the bar on what the Chamber has done in the past and is helping us to achieve relevance and quality.

The sponsorships are advertised as the Chairman's Council. These prestigious positions are attained by the substantial contributions of the Members.



Events Committee

The Events Committee is led by Past Chair, Eric Morcus.

The Team helps determine the events that the Chamber will hold. They then set up separate entities to manage each of those events.

Events include: State of the City, Golfing Event, Peace Officers & Public Service Honors, Best in Business Awards, etc.

Legislative Action Committee

The Legislative Action Committee is led by the Chairman of the Board, John Sloan, with the participation of other Board Members.

When legislation comes up affecting businesses, the committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors to either support or oppose the legislation and determine how that will be actioned.

Where action by the committee is declined, due to subject matter being sensitive or conflicting amongst members, the members will be informed of the legislation so that they may take their own action.

The LAC is also responsible for Candidate's Forums.

This committee meets via Zoom on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:00pm.


Finance Committee

The Vice Chair of this committee is Peter Kim. He is joined by other Board Members to review the monthly finances of the Chamber and to question entries and provide their oversight. They help to form the basis of reporting to the Board.

This committee meets via Zoom on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 2:00pm.

* To join any of our committees, or to just give them a try and consider if it is a good fit for you, please contact:

(760) 346-6111 

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