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The PDACC staff is proud to be of service to our members and the community.

Pam Scannell

Pam Scannell

President & CEO

Pam Scannell is an experienced leader, speaker and innovator. Driven by the desire to help others, her passion is around a culture of helping people to grow and succeed, and she has a natural gravitation towards problem solving.

As President and CEO, Pam has a responsibility for the attraction, engagement, development and support of local businesses and the community, along with forming a strong relationship with local government to provide a unified message and action.

In addition to her primary job functions, Pam has previously been recognized by the Senate, Congress, State Assembly and City for her extraordinary commitment and contributions to her previous community.

With a well-rounded and lengthy career, Pam brings experience across multiple industries, geographies and scale of businesses, specializing in communication, analysis of profit and loss accounts, community relations, financials and non-profits.

Due to the effects of recent events, Pam is looking forward to and is determined to continue providing the advocacy, support and resources for businesses to succeed, while allowing for new growth and development.

Pam also serves as President on the Board of Directors for Elder Love USA, a non-profit dedicated to affordable in-home care. She has served on the Board of Directors for numerous non-profits. In her spare time you will find her crafting and creating with different mediums, reading, swimming, cooking, or just having fun socializing, safely.

Sharon Clay

Sharon Clay

Finance & Human Resources

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